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Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating has definitely grown in popularity. This is the best type of underfloor heating for existing floors as it is easier to install than water pipes. Most electric wires are installed under or inside flooring tiles and are around 3mm in size, these heat up when powered. For electric underfloor heating in new builds we would use a cable and screed system and in existing floors we tend to use electric matting. Underfloor Heating works best on stone and ceramic floors.

Benefits of underfloor heating

Comfort –radiators work to a high temperature of 65 – 70 degrees, heating intensely one area of the room from the top downwards. In contrast, underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature of around 35 degrees C and warmth is evenly distributed from the ground up, providing greater comfort. Underfloor heating feels nice underfoot and warms all areas of the room,

Efficiency –because they work at a lower temperature and distribute heat evenly, underfloor heating is up to 15% more efficient than traditional heating and includes a thermostat to regulate temperature. Radiators heat the air, so if you open the door heat escapes. Underfloor heating warms the ground and will continue to emit heat through radiation not convection.

Improved health –radiators cause heat to circulate round the room, spreading dust particles, which can be harmful to your health. Underfloor heating doesn’t do this, In fact it reduces the moisture levels of the floor making it too dry a climate for dust mites.”

Saves space –underfloor heating can be the sole heat source in your home, which eliminates the need for radiators and frees up wall space. 


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